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*Disclaimer: Information on Doncaster Wellbeing is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot take any responsibility for any accidental error – we're human! If you find an error, please do contact us and we’ll do our best to rectify it.  If you are vegan, or have any particular allergy, please take care to always double check ingredients.  Please note: times quoted include consultation time.  Massage therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy are classed as a “complementary therapies” meaning that they are used alongside (as a complement to) conventional medicine. Complementary therapists cannot make diagnoses (unless also medically qualified to do so – ie they are a GP, or similar). In addition complementary therapy should not be used as an alternative to seeking appropriate medical advice.

You may be able to claim for treatments on your health care plan or insurance.


Massage Therapy

Including an holistic blend of Swedish and Aromatherapy massage, Facial and Head Massage, plus Pregnancy and Postnatal massage, using either a simple unscented plant-based oil or a Weleda body massage oil (bespoke blends also available). Please see the individual pages for more information.

1/2 hour :: £25.00

45 minutes :: £33.00

1 hour :: £40.00

1 & 1/2 hours :: £55.00

Three 1/2 hour treatment package :: £70.00

Three 1 hour treatment package :: £110.00

Three 1 & 1/2 hours treatment package :: £150.00


Using Flying Wild organic balms or Weleda Skin Food Body Butter. Please see Reflexology for more information.

One treatment (min 1 hour) :: £35.00

Four treatment package :: £125.00

Six treatment package :: £180.00

Reflexology & Luxury Pedicure :: £55.00

Recline and relax, enjoying a luxurious  hot towel compress and mask or foot bath, scrub, nail trim, file and cuticle tidy, plus paddle file.  Natural buff and shine finish.  Followed by reflexology.


You'll feel like you're walking on air!​

Please allow 1 & 1/2 - 2 hours for this appointment.

Bespoke Aromatherapy

If you would like something specific made up for you, do get in touch. Prices vary according to your needed blend and medium  (diffusion blend, body or hair oil, cream, balm, bath salts, liquid soap or body wash). Please see Aromatherapy for more information.

Holistic Consultations

Doncaster Wellbeing blends different modalities to best support your individual needs.  If you need support with a particular issue and want an "wholistic" approach that takes into account your mind, body and soul, this consultation will seek to provide a bespoke choice.  It brings together different massage modalities, reflexology and aromatherapy to create a truly individual treatment.

Please note that it requires an in-depth consultation that will then be used to plan future treatments and, as such, please consider allowing for at least 3 treatments (there is a discount for booking three).

1 & 1/2 hours :: £55.00

2 hours :: £70.00

Three 1 & 1/2 hours treatment package :: £150.00

Three 2 hours treatment package :: £200.00

Closing the Bones

Based on traditional postnatal practices from around the world, this nurturing ceremony (involving massage and energy healing) is also supportive of marking other major milestones in a woman's life, including menopause and bereavement.  Please visit the individual pages for Postnatal, Menopause and Pregnancy and Infant Loss, for further information, depending on your situation.

1 & 1/2 hours :: £55.00 - with further options available.

Group Closing the Bones (with your female family and friends) is a wonderful shared experience!