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How can Pregnancy Therapies Help Me? :: Prices

Pregnancy is a very special time, but in our often fast-paced, busy lives it can sometimes feel less than magical.  From fatigue, aches and pains, to anxiety and stress, various discomforts and complaints may be experienced. 

In addition our bodies are changing fast and adapting to this can be difficult, not just on a practical front, but also an emotional - how do we feel about these changes?  Added to potential anxiety about the changes in our life to come, pregnancy can be a worrying time.

So what can I do to help support you?

As a mum of six who has really struggled through some of my pregnancies (and postnatally) a key focus for me is supporting other women through their pregnancy journeys (and beyond). Massage and reflexology can be very helpful in offering a complementary support to your midwife or consultant care.

The Benefits of Massage and Reflexology


Massage therapy has been demonstrated to be effective during pregnancy. Women who received massage therapy reported decreased depression, anxiety, and leg and back pain.


Field T. (2010). Pregnancy and labor massage. Expert review of obstetrics & gynaecology 5 (2), 177-181.

  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety.[1]

  • Gives you time and space to relax, reducing fatigue and tiredness [1]

  • Eases discomfort caused by the additional strain on your muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  • Improves your circulation, enhancing blood flow to your womb and entire body.

  • Improves lymph flow helping to disperse fluid retention and soothe tired, swollen legs.

  • Supports your skin, bringing welcome additional nourishment and pliability through carefully chosen oils and gentle manipulation, plus the boost in circulation.

  • Beneficial for baby too [2]

  • Helps to prepare your mind and body for birthing and beyond!


Massage and reflexology usually takes place in the second and third trimesters, although you will need to check with your midwife first as to whether she's happy for you to proceed. If you are under consultant care a note of medical consent will be required before treatment can take place.

Pregnancy massage takes place with your lying on your side, comfortably bolstered with cushions under your head, bump and between your knees as needed. You will be made as comfortable as possible.  If you struggle with your mobility, please get in touch as I can look at ways to support you with receiving a treatment if you need additional consideration.

Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage is a fantastic way of managing some of the more common pregnancy symptoms - not just good for you, but good for baby too!

30 minutes :: £25.00

60 minutes :: £40.00

90 minutes :: £55.00


Reflexology is a popular choice through pregnancy.  It works on the principle of stimulating reflexes on the feet that correspond to other areas of your body (read more) and can be conducted clothed and seated (helpful if you struggle to get onto a massage couch!)


60 minutes :: £35.00

Holistic Consultation

An "wholistic" approach that takes into account your mind, body and soul, this brings together massage, reflexology and, aromatherapy to create a truly individual treatment.

90 minutes :: £55.00

120 minutes :: £75.00

Pregnancy Massage Packages


The 60 minute and 90 minute options may also be used for Holistic Consultations.

3 x 30 minutes  :: £70.00

3 x 60 minutes :: £110.00

3 x 90 minutes :: £150.00

Reflexology Packages


Reflexology works best when used regularly to help balance your body and mind in preparation for childbirth and the postnatal period.

Four treatments :: £120.00

Six treatments :: £175.00

References & Notes

[1] Massage increases dopamine and serotonin, and lowers cortisol and norepinephrine, levels. 

[2] studies have also shown that unborn babies are also affected by any stress that their mother is experiencing, so relaxed mum equals relaxed baby.

Postpartum depression and cortisol levels were decreased in the massaged women. The newborns of the massaged mothers also had lower cortisol levels than the newborns of the control mothers, and performed better on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment habituation, orientation and motor scales.

APA Field T. (2010). Pregnancy and labor massage. Expert review of obstetrics & gynecology. 5 (2), 177-181