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Postnatal - the Baby Moon

The postnatal period is a time of huge changes for mother and baby (and father too!)  Everything has been building up to childbirth and baby arriving and  now what? 


In some cultures mothers of newborns are expected to rest, completely, post birth.   In the UK you may have heard the term "Babymoon" or "Fourth Trimester". Although the term "baby moon" is also used for a last minute holiday pre-birth, the reasoning behind using it as a post-partum description is that it brings with it an idea of a timescale for this period.  It takes approximately 27 days (and a bit) for the moon to complete its orbit around the Earth and 29.5 days for it to cycle through its phases, as such a good indicator for the time a baby moon should last is about 28 days or 4 weeks (but some practices advocate longer - up to 40 days).


This period gives a mother time to rest and recuperate whilst getting to know their new baby, who, in turn, is given an opportunity to gently transition into their new experience of the world.

What is happening to your body postpartum?


Having previously housed an ever-growing baby, suddenly your the weight of your baby is gone from your body.  Your abdomen needs to adapt to this sudden loss - and that takes time! Your uterus starts to contract and heal and the subsequent cramping can be painful.   Every time you stand up, pick up anything heavy, twist or generally move around, you are disturbing the wound healing process.  You will lose blood, called "lochia" for up to six weeks as you shed the lining of your uterus. You need to give your body time to heal - and if you have had an complications and/or a caesarian - and then some! 

It may take a little time for your milk to "come in".  This is normal.  It is also normal for a baby to lose some weight post birth - breastfed babies up to 7% [1] (and some sources cite as much as 10%) of their birthweight.  The more time you can spend resting with your newborn, practicing a good latch and ensuring you eat and drink well the better for the both of you.


Your body has to adjust to a change in the levels of hormones surging around your body. This change can mean you feel weepy and vulnerable, even when everyone around you is celebrating and supportive.  This is also normal (although if these feeling persist post "baby moon" please consider contacting someone for advice [2]  - please don't suffer in silence!)


All this can put a tremendous strain on you and it is important that you recognise that you need to give yourself time to adjust to this new way of being. 

How Can Massage and Reflexology Help?

All this can put a tremendous strain on you and it is important that you recognise that you need to give yourself time to adjust to this new way of being. 

  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety.

  • Gives you time and space to relax, reducing fatigue and tiredness 

  • Supports recovery of the uterus

  • Improves your circulation, enhancing blood and lymph flow to your womb and entire body helping your body to heal.

  • Supports your skin, bringing welcome additional nourishment and pliability through carefully chosen oils and gentle manipulation, plus the boost in circulation.

  • Research has shown reflexology to be supportive of establishing and supporting milk supply [3]

  • Hormone regulation - helping increase serotonin and dopamine levels and decreasing norepinephrine and cortisol levels.

  • Massage can aid the healing of scars - useful in minimising post-caesarian scar tissue.  Self-massage can also help support the healing of scar tissue caused by perineal tearing or episiotomy.

In addition there is evidence of the benefits of baby massage for both mother and baby (including improving symptoms of postnatal depression).

If needed infants can accompany you to your appointment.  Reflexology can take place whilst you hold baby if you need to.  Please note that if your baby is struggling to settle, I may not be able to increase your appointment time by much to accommodate this - but usually feeding and holding baby settles them well.

Postnatal Massage


Postnatal massage to support you in this period of huge changes!

1/2 hour :: £25.00

1 hour minutes :: £40.00

1 & 1/2 hours :: £55.00


Reflexology works on the principle of stimulating reflexes on the feet that correspond to other areas of your body (read more) and can be conducted clothed and seated - mean you can hold baby whilst it takes place!


1 hour :: £35.00

Holistic Consultation

An "wholistic" approach that takes into account your mind, body and soul, this brings together massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and intuitive healing to create a truly individual treatment.

1 & 1/2 hours :: £55.00

2 hours :: £75.00

Closing the Bones

It is an honour to be able to offer Closing the Bones to the women of Doncaster and its surrounding areas!  This practice is based on traditional healing ceremony hailing, in some form or another, from across the world. Both a nurturing celebration of the mother and a support to her healing,  

Postnatal Massage Packages


The 90 minute options may also be used for Holistic Consultations.

3 x 1/2 hour  :: £70.00

3 x 1 hour :: £110.00

3 x 1 & 1/2 hours :: £150.00

Reflexology Packages


Reflexology works best when used regularly to help balance your body and mind. 

Four treatments :: £120.00

Six treatments :: £175.00

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