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Disclaimer: Information on Doncaster Wellbeing is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot take any responsibility for any accidental error – we're human! If you find an error, please do contact us and we’ll do our best to rectify it.  If you are vegan, or have any particular allergy, please take care to always double check ingredients.  Please note: times quoted include consultation time.  Massage therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy are classed as a “complementary therapies” meaning that they are used alongside (as a complement to) conventional medicine. Complementary therapists cannot make diagnoses (unless also medically qualified to do so – ie they are a GP, or similar). In addition complementary therapy should not be used as an alternative to seeking appropriate medical advice.

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Doncaster Foot Health offers Registered Foot Health Practitioner - SAC Dip (Foot Health Practioner - Advanced) -  services from Doncaster Wellbeing, please see ABOUT for Nikki's qualifications and memberships.


The emphasis is on more natural and organic product use where possible (please note - not necessarily suitable for fungal nails and athlete's foot treatment!)  Equipment is sterilised in pouches using an autoclave to 134 C.

For more information please read: What is the difference between a Foot Health Practitioner, Chiropodist and Podiatrist?

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60 minutes approximately

Registered Foot Health Practitioner offering advanced routine foot care:

  • Foot health assessment

  • Nail trimming, general maintenance and care

  • Calluses & hard, cracked skin

  • Corns

  • Verruca treatment

  • Fungal nail treatment

  • Athletes foot treatment

  • Ingrowing toenail treatment

  • Diabetic foot care

MANICURE :: £12.00


Simple manicure covering trimming and filing of nails and cuticle tidy. Natural buff and shine finish. Mini hand massage included - time allowing.


60 minutes approx

General maintenance and care of hands and feet.  Including nail trimming; removal of callus and hard, cracked skin; corns; verruca treatment; fungal nail treatment and diabetic foot care.  In addition advice and support regarding foot care.


90 minutes approx

Recline and relax, enjoying a luxurious hand-blended aromatherapy hot towel compress and mask or foot bath, scrub, nail trim, file and cuticle tidy, foot health care removing callus, corns and cracked dry heels. Natural buff and shine finish. Followed by reflexology. You'll feel like you're walking on air!


90 minutes approx

As with the Reflexology & Luxury Pedicure, swapping the reflexology for a foot and lower leg massage using a hand-blended essential oils mix.