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As a Weleda Wellbeing Adviser I offer free consultations/Facials, Hand/Arm and Foot/Leg Massages to those interested in natural products. I don't like anybody to feel under any pressure to make a purchase but to just come along and experience these wonderful products. I can give you advice regarding Weleda's range of natural medicines and Body care products, including;

  • Facial care

  • Body Washes, Oils and Lotions

  • Bath milks

  • Juices and Elixers

  • Deoderants

  • Hand Creams and foot balm

  • Lip balm

  • Beauty balm

  • Suncare

  • Hair care

  • Dental care

  • Pregnancy and Birth products

  • Babycare

  • Men's range

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • First aid salves, ointments and sprays

    If you are experiencing conditions such as the following then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help;

  • Dry skin and Eczema

  • Hayfever

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Sleep issues

  • Digestive problem

  • Aches and pains

  • Coughs and colds

    I offer Wellbeing/Pamper gatherings in the comfort of your own home with generous 'thank you gifts' for the host/ess. These events are a relaxed way to enjoy learning about the beautiful natural products with your friends and family and can be tailored to your individual needs/product interests, without being under any pressure to purchase prodcts. Please do get in touch if you're interested in a gathering or a free 1-1 facial.

    Weleda Training:

  • Foundation Level 1 Signature Massage course - Hand and Forearm, Foot and Lower Leg

  • Skincare Training

  • Homeopathic Training

  • Medicines Training

  • Oral Sprays Training

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    A little about Weleda's History
    Weleda was co-founded in 1921 by the Austrian philosopher and visionary, Rudolf Steiner, together with a Dutch doctor Ita Wegman and Oskar Schmiedel, a chemist from Germany. Steiner viewed the human body as having the capacity to heal using gifts from nature and he called his approach anthroposophy - meaning 'a wisdom of man'. Weleda grew out of his work.

    It is this understanding of the connections between man and nature which makes Weleda's skincare products unique. When you use a Weleda product you can see, smell and feel this for yourself. Our potent all-natural ingredients give targeted support to the body's own process. They enhance the body's ability to heal and bring the skin into balance. Weleda products promote the vitality of the skin, rather than simply replacing what it lacks.

    Steiner named the company Weleda, inspired by the Celtic word Veleda or Veleta for a female seer or wise woman. Hw also designed the company logo himself, using the ancient Greek symbol for medicine and health - the rod and the serpent - being embraced by the arms of humanity.

    Weleda is owned by the not-for-profit organisations of it's founders and the profits fund their work into holistic medical research and education.

    Weleda are proud to say that many of the products are the original formulations, created when the company was first founded.

You may be able to claim on your healthcare insurance for treatments
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Online Wellbeing Consultation

over Zoom, Whats's App, Messenger - you choose


Supporting you with hand reflexology, facial massage and aromatherapy self-help techniques.


(For an additional charge I can blend a bespoke aromatherapy oil,  pulse-point blend, inhalation stick, spray, cream, balm, shampoo or liquid soap for your use)
30 minute Relaxation


Choose from a relaxing back massage, facial, foot and leg massage or hand & arm massage.

30 minutes - £25.00 

3 treatments - £70.00

6 treatments - £135.00

Personal Wellbeing 60 mins

A tailored blend of specialised reflexology, massage therapy and more, to support your individual needs. A minimum of three treatments is recommended.

60 minutes - £40.00 

3 treatments - £115.00

6 treatments - £220.00

Personal Wellbeing 90 mins

Currently on-hold (social distancing)

A tailored blend of specialised reflexology, massage therapy and more. A minimum of three treatments is recommended.

90 minutes - £55.00 

3 treatments - £155.00

6 treatments - £300.00

Personal Wellbeing 120 mins

Currently on-hold (social distancing)


What would you do with a whole 2 hours dedicated to your care and wellbeing? 

90 minutes - £70.00

3 treatments - £200.00

6 treatments - £360.00

Would you like more information?

Not sure which option would be best? Why not book a free call and we can discuss your needs and how complimentary therapies can support you.


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You may be able to claim on your healthcare insurance for treatments

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