Closing the Bones

It is an honour to be able to offer Closing the Bones to the women of Doncaster and its surrounding areas!  This practice is based on traditional healing ceremony hailing, in some form or another, from across the world and was shared with me by Sophie Messager, who in turn learnt from Rocio Alarcon (from Ecuador).


Closing the Bones is a ceremony that acts as a way-marker along your life's journey.


On a physical level,  the practice helps to realign the abdomen, pelvis and lower back, stabilising your core. It is relaxing and restoring, helping to alleviate tension and stress. A warming aromatherapy blend is used to further enhance the nurturing, strengthening aspects of the massage.

Emotional & Spiritual

Pregnancy and giving birth mean opening up on a wider scale.  Not only the physical opening of ourselves to allow baby to be born, but also on an emotional and spiritual level there has been a tremendous opening - nurturing a new life within you to the birth of that life into this world.  In some cultures the mother is seen as walking the threshold between the land of the living and the dead. Postpartum a woman can feel "broken open" and leaking - physically, emotionally and energetically.


Closing the Bones works to seal this opening.  Closing you physically, emotionally and energetically.


We may often hold feelings and experiences in our physical body, this can lead to imbalance and feelings of tension (for example, think of the terms "butterflies in our tummy", if we are nervous, we feel it in our abdomen!)  As women we hold so much of what we experience in our wombs and if we don't offer a space to acknowledge and work through these feelings, they can take root and manifest in other ways.

Closing the Bones helps to give space to release these tightly held feelings and experiences, giving space to draw energy back to your creative centre: your womb.


Closing the Bones offers a sacred space for the mother to relax and release, honouring the journey she has taken.


What It Involves

Both a nurturing celebration of the mother and a support to her healing, it can be as individual as the mother.  As part of the ceremony I offer:

  • Floor-based abdominal massage (using a bespoke aromatherapy blend) and rebozo (manta) rocking techniques (using a shawl)

  • Spoken blessings (or prayers if preferred) and singing.

  • The "Closing of the Bones" (wrapping) of the pelvis (or full body).

  • Intuitive energy healing


In addition further massage (eg a full body massage) and reflexology can also be incorporated.


A Private or Group Celebration

Closing the Bones can be done as a private ceremony for the mother.  Alternatively it can be a group celebration involving close family and friends (arranged similarly to a Mother Blessings, including the Closing the Bones Ceremony - where up to 9 people can take part with the final Closing and there are further options to create something as a group gift for the mother). 


For All Women

Closing the Bones can also be a very healing experience for all women, for example those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss; or at major milestones such as menopause, where the ceremony can act as a closing celebration of one period of life and the beginning of the next.  It can form a part of the Women's Wellbeing Consultations that I offer if you would like me to work on something more individual to your needs.


Interested in Booking?

Closing the Bones is a bespoke ceremony that involves elements based on your needs.  Prices start from £55.00 and can be included as part of a Postnatal Wellbeing appointment (or package).   Please contact me to discuss your needs.


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